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The faculty, staff and students of the Department of Pediatrics are committed to providing the children of New Mexico with comprehensive family-centered healthcare that is unequaled in the state and region.

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New center would help UNM docs diagnose child abuse

Strickler (HSC NewsBeat)

As a pediatric intern at University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital, Leslie Strickler, D.O., helped care for a premature infant who spent months in intensive care before being successfully discharged.

“The next time I encountered her was when I was the senior resident in our ICU and she had been killed by her father,” Strickler says, her eyes welling at the memory.

“It was devastating,” she says. “We had poured all these resources into saving this child’s life. From an emotional standpoint it was awful – I was attached to the child and her family. This was a child who needed more, and didn’t get it.”

That experience early in her career played a role in Strickler’s decision to become a board-certified specialist in diagnosing child abuse. As medical director of UNM’s Child Abuse Response Team (CART), she is one of just a handful of physicians in New Mexico with the expertise to determine whether a child’s injuries might have been caused deliberately or by accident.

Founded in 2004, CART sees between 300 and 350 cases of suspected physical abuse in children each year, Strickler says. The team also provides case reviews or assists law enforcement in another 50 to 100 cases a year, she says. Read more.

Pediatric Grand Rounds

Webcast: Pediatric Grand Rounds are held in the 6th Floor Tully Conference Room. Sessions are available live online through the Rural Health Education Outreach (RHEO) Program. CME is available.

UNM pediatrics expert: Overwhelming evidence that MMR vaccine does not cause Autism

New Mexico is bracing for a renewed threat to your health spreading across the country. 

Measles is not your average virus -- think chicken pox with a vengeance -- and experts say it's not a matter of if, but rather when it hits New Mexico.

UNM assistant pediatrics professor Dr. Randall Knott tells KOB it is people refusing to immunize themselves and their kids who are leaving the door open to measles wreaking havoc here.

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