Life After Residency

At the end of their training, graduates of our program have the world open to them. The diversity and individual initiative that our housestaff bring to UNM is fostered here, and it enables them to begin the careers of their choice.

Approximately 60 percent of our graduates enter primary care pediatrics in locations from New Mexico to Montana to the East Coast. Of these, 40 percent of them practice in rural or medically underserved settings.


Nicole VeitenheimerNicole Veitenheimer, MD
Pediatric Resident, 2006-2009

I am very pleased with my Pediatric Residency experience at UNM. I made lifelong friends along the way and the program prepared me for my career in academics. As a Pediatric Resident here at UNM you will have opportunities to do everything that an academic career requires: autonomy with patients, participation in quality improvement projects/committees, grant writing and research, teaching, and curriculum development. Clearly I love working with the people and diverse patient population here at UNM because I decided to stay after residency! I look forward to being a supportive and friendly face to incoming residents just like I had during my residency.

Yolandra Toya, MD
Community Pediatrician

My experience in the UNM Pediatric Residency Program trained me well for a career in community Pediatrics in Albuquerque. I see a variety of patients from all socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds in my practice which is a reflection of the patient population at UNM. My relationship with the UNM Pediatrics Department continues since I routinely use their expertise and specialty programs for consultations and referrals for my current practice. Their training program which mixes clinical practice, evidence-based medicine, and research and public health projects, gave me experience and insight into pediatrics as a necessary part of any healthy community.