Individualized Learning Curriculum

All programs will be required to offer six individualized educational units to be chosen based on resident's career goals.

An educational unit may be a traditional four week block or a longitudinal experience.

The UNM Pediatrics Residency Program will offer four tracks from which residents may choose:

  • Ambulatory/ Community Pediatrics
  • Subspecialty Pediatrics
  • Pediatric Hospitalist Medicine
  • Global Health Pediatrics

A mentor will be available to guide residents in each individual track.

Interns will select a track in the winter of their PL-1 year to allow time for scheduling; the six individualized educational units will span the PL-2 and PL-3 years.

Each track will have some required elements and some elective elements. Required elements indicated by * on chart.

The table below demonstrates a tentative schedule of required and elective options for each track.

Fellowship Hospitalist Global Health
*PARC-2/Local Clinic/ School-Based Health Clinic *Research *Roadrunner Team
(Inpatient Pediatrics/ Sedations/Procedures)

*International experience or PARC 2 (Rural health in NM)

*ED *Acting Fellow *ED *ED
*Delivery/Resuscitation *NICU
(*Traditional NICU rotation if doing PICU or NICU fellowship)
*Delivery/Resuscitation *Delivery/Resuscitation
Procedures/Anesthesia Procedures/Anesthesia
(*if doing PICU or NICU fellowship)
*Procedures/Anesthesia *Procedures/Anesthesia
Medical-Legal Alliance Continuity clinic in planned subspecialty Medical-Legal Alliance UNM Global Health elective
Resident-Directed Resident-Directed Resident-Directed Resident-Directed
Major Electives Major Electives Major Electives Major Electives