Neonatal Nurse Practioner and Physician Assistant Program

The Neonatal nurse practioner and physician assistant program at the University of New Mexico Children's Hospital was established in 1976, with two nurse practioners in the group.  Since then it has grown to as many as 22 in the group.  Our NNP/PA's are involved in every aspect of neonatal care in the NICU, as well as training and education outside of the unit and on transport.   

  • The NNP/PA role at UNM is key to the management of our patients in the NICU.  In addition to the daily patient management, our duties include admissions, procedures, discharges, teaching, attending deliveries and transport 
  • The NNP and PA's actively participate in the training of pediatric, emergency medicine, and family practice resident's, as well as neonatology fellows  
  • The average patient load per NNP/PA is 9 patients, and we report directly to the Division of Neonatology  
  • We work 12 to 24 hour shifts and offer a very generous benefit package, including annual leave, sick leave, paid educational leave, and an extensive holiday leave benefit  
  • We service all of New Mexico and our surrounding states with out 24/7 fixed wing Newborn Transport Team
  • Educational opportunities for the NNP/PA's exist almost daily 

The NICU at the University of New Mexico is composed of an integrated team of specialists that provide compassionate, evidence-based care for critically ill newborns from around the great state of New Mexico and neighboring states. The state-of-the-art NICU at UNM encompasses 52 beds, with an additional 12 intermediate care nursery beds.
Our Neonatologists and NNP/PA's participate in multiple institutional and national research projects.