Requirements and benefits

2018-2019 Salaries

  • HO I $52,329
  • HO II $54,026
  • HO III $55, 992

Education Calendar

PL-1s generally start around June 25 and end one year later. PL-2s and 3s start July 1 and go through June 30 of each year.


Residents will hold a limited license to practice medicine in the state of New Mexico. After completion of your intern year, it is mandatory that you apply and take your USMLE Step 3. It is advisable to apply for a Public Service License through the New Mexico Board of Medical Examiners.

Professional Liability Insurance

The New Mexico Tort Claims Act regulates professional liability insurance for residents. It is provided for physicians in training in accordance with the Act. This coverage does not extend outside the training program.


All residents who are on-call will receive a meal allowance that is accessed via the resident’s Health Sciences Center security badge. The meal allowance may be used at the UNM Hospital cafeteria.


Health insurance is provided for residents, their dependents and qualifying domestic partners at a small cost. If you choose a primary care physician from the Health Science Center list of providers, there will be no deductible or co-payment for most services.

Life insurance and long-term disability are provided to residents at no cost. Dental insurance is available to residents and their dependents.

Duty Hours

Duty hours limitations, as set forth by ACGME, are respected and enforced in our program. Efforts to understand and adhere to these new guidelines were made early and swiftly, and the organization of our rotations reflects this. Because of strong support and respect within our department, these requirements are achieved with relative ease.


  • Professional Leave: For interviews/fellowships. 5 days over residency tenure.
  • Sick Leave: 21 days/year – not transferable to next year.
  • Vacation Leave: 21 days/year – not transferable to next year.
  • Education Leave: 5 days over residency tenure.
  • Wellness Leave: 4 half-days/year - not transferable to next year.
  • Maternity, paternity leave: 2 weeks of dedicated parental leave. Can be used with Sick Leave to insure 1 month.
  • Catastrophic leave is available and needs to be coordinated with the Program Director.
  • Holiday Leave: 5 days per year around either Christmas or New Years.

Workforce Diversity

As of November 1998, Initiative I-200 prohibits the consideration of race, color, national origin, ethnicity and sex in employment decisions. However, the University of New Mexico Health Science Center and the Department of Pediatrics are deeply committed to expanding the diversity of our programs and meeting the medical needs of all children. To this end, we strongly encourage applications from individuals with disadvantaged backgrounds and/or have future interest in serving underserved populations.