Inpatient Pediatrics

Inpatient PediatricsAs the only tertiary care facility devoted solely to children, the UNM Children’s Hospital serves the entire state. Over half of our inpatients come from outside our home county. We provide regular subspecialty outreach to all areas of New Mexico, and we have an active air transport system serving the entire region to aid us in our mission.

Inpatient services are divided into these areas:

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU): 20 Beds

Staffed by board-certified pediatric critical care specialists, and dedicated and skilled critical care nurses, the PICU cares for the most ill of children and their families. Residents work directly with attendings, and perform a variety of procedures. A wide variety of conditions are seen, from respiratory failure, to trauma, to post-operative congenital heart disease, to Hantavirus. Our PICU staff are recognized leaders and innovators in ECMO. We have just recently implemented a curriculum using state-of-the art infant and child simulators to teach housestaff management and procedural skills for critically ill children. Our PICU faculty take in house call along with the residents.

Inpatient PediatricsGeneral Pediatric Unit: 34 Beds

Patients on our general inpatient service run the gamut from neonatal sepsis evaluations, to children and adolescents with complex medical conditions. The patients represent the rich geographic and cultural diversity of our state. Training emphasizes a multi-disciplinary approach to clinical care, incorporating pediatric nursing, therapists, nutritionists, pharmacists, case managers and social workers. Full-time dedicated Child Life staff work to ease the worries of the children and families during hospitalization. Full-time hospitalists and general pediatric faculty supervise clinical care and are responsible for education.

Pediatric Specialty Care Unit: 20 beds

An entire ward is dedicated to care of children with malignancies and surgical diagnoses. An integrated team including a first and second-year resident, board-certified oncologists, and specially trained nutritionists, pharmacists and social support workers provide state-of-the art care. Residents also participate in outpatient hematology and oncology clinics, and have the opportunity to perform a number of procedures in a safe and controlled environment.

Carrie Tingley Rehabilitation Unit: 15 Beds

The Carrie Tingley Inpatient rehabilitation Unit is the only inpatient pediatric rehabilitation facility in the state. Housed on the 5th floor of the UNM Children’s Hospital, it has 15 beds to accommodate children with a variety of diagnoses and needs, from trauma to congenital anomalies. A board certified pediatric physiatrist works with hospitalists, therapists and a dedicated nursing team to provide comprehensive care.